Holiday Passes and Security

This page focuses on some general information to help you get the most from your Scottish Holiday.

Visitor Attraction Passes required as you Travel Scotland.

We thought we would give you a word of warning about purchasing entry passes before you get to Scotland. There are a number of Visitor Attraction Passes to Scotland's castles, stately homes and many other fine attractions.

The visitor attractions are owned and managed by a number of different bodies. The National Trust of Scotland, Historic Scotland, Scotland's Great Houses, and private owners. As far as we are aware there is not one pass that gets you in to all these different types of attractions. Before you decide to purchase a pass, make absolutely sure that you will visit enough attractions managed by that particular organisation to make it worth while.

Decide on the route you will be taking, then decide the attractions you would like to visit and before you decide to buy a visitor pass make sure there are enough attractions in your schedule to cover the cost of the pass. We hear of visitors who purchase visitor passes thinking it will let them in to all properties, which they do not, and then are very disillusioned that they have spent a lot of money and have not had value for money. So be careful!!!


European citizens can enter Britain with a passport, without a visa for 3 months. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States can enter on a passport as well and stay for up to 6 months. For full details and check information go to the UK Border Agency web site. Citizens of other countries require a Visa which they can get from the British Consulate in their own country.


No special vaccinations are needed to enter Britain

Security and safety.

Scotland is generally considered a very safe country to live and visit. The ordinary population do not carry guns, the Police do not carry guns, indeed most Scots only experience of a gun are seeing them on TV in films and may be the military in parade etc.

It is generally safe to walk almost anywhere at any time of the day or night, the only word of caution are some areas in the big cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, but having said that these are not areas most tourists will find themselves in. It is not uncommon to see women walking late at night on their own. In world terms Scotland is a very safe place to visit.

This does not mean there is no crime, of course there is. The biggest piece of advice is do not to leave any valuables where they can be seen to tempt the opportunist thief. In your car make sure all your valuables are in the boot or trunk as Americans would say, if you leave them on display, there is always the opportunist thief who will smash the car window to help themselves.

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