Arbroath area map.

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Arbroath map              

Arbroath and area map

Arbroath is a historic coastal town located on the east coast of Scotland, in the Angus council area. It is known for its rich maritime heritage, picturesque harbor, and famous culinary delight—the Arbroath Smokie.

The town’s history dates back centuries, with notable landmarks such as Arbroath Abbey, a magnificent ruined abbey founded in the 12th century. The abbey played a significant role in Scottish history, as it was here that the Declaration of Arbroath, a historic document asserting Scotland’s independence, was signed in 1320.

Arbroath’s fishing industry has long been a vital part of its identity, and the Arbroath Smokie, a traditional smoked haddock, has become an internationally recognized local specialty. Visitors can enjoy freshly smoked fish from local smokehouses and explore the town’s maritime history at the Signal Tower Museum.

Beyond its historical and culinary attractions, Arbroath boasts beautiful sandy beaches and offers opportunities for coastal walks and outdoor activities. The town also hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, including the Arbroath Sea Fest and the Arbroath Abbey Pageant.

With its blend of history, coastal charm, and culinary delights, Arbroath offers visitors a unique and enjoyable experience on the east coast of Scotland.

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