Holiday in Scotland

Your holiday in Scotland
Planning your holiday in Scotland, especially for those of you who come from abroad, can be quite exciting while you embark to a country that you are unfamiliar with.

We have divided this section in to a number of areas to help you get the most from your holiday in Scotland and importantly help you plan to get the most from your holiday.

Scotland the country – here we give you a brief overview of what Scotland has in terms of its size, geographic location, its regions and the different landscapes, the varying day light hours through the different seasons, are all covered and can be important factors in planning your holiday in Scotland.

Travel in Scotland – here we discuss the different transport systems, airports, ferries, cars, road network, cost of fuel, journey times and national speed limits to help prepare for your holiday in Scotland.

Holiday Passes – Here we talk about different types of passes to visitor attractions, the merits for and against, when making your choices. We also cover security and the measures you need to take to have a safe time when you holiday in Scotland – it is a safe country!

Accommodation – This sections talks about the accommodation grading system, the different types of accommodation available to you for your holiday in Scotland.