Pitlochry is the centre of one of the most scenic and attractive parts of Scotland. It is a popular holiday destination, a great base from which to explore Highland Perthshire and in fact large areas of Scotland, on account of it being at the geographic centre of Scotland.

This web site will help you get the most out of your holiday in Pitlochry Scotland. Pitlochry is essentially a Victorian town, reflected by much of its architecture, much photographed by the tourists.

The town of Pitlochry, had its earliest origins back to 1727 when the first road was constructed through Highland Perthshire, by General Wade for military purposes to enable the government to control the highland clans.¬† The new road amalgamated three hamlets to form the nucleus of today’s Pitlochry.

In 1839 Pitlochry had one hundred and eighty five residents, the coming of the railway to Pitlochry in 1863 which met with considerable local¬†resistance, was the real catalyst to the Pitlochry’s growth and the town we know and love today. By 1901 Pitlochry had 1,541 residents; the 2001 census put the population at 2,564 residents.